“Really pleased with Joel's progress and self management of the project”

“Woken up today to see that Joel Hoskin has made tons of Godsweeper progress overnight. This guy is good!”

Currently Recently graduated Computer Science at the University of Birmingham
Projects Written In Node.js, Ruby, Java, Python, C#, PHP, CUDA
Databases PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
Version Control Software Git, Subversion
Cloud Infrastructure Services AWS, Heroku, Digital Ocean

1st Class Computer Science degree.

Functional Programming 100%
Natural Language Processing 97%
Software Workshop 96%
Introduction to AI 90%
C/C++ 87%
Intelligent Data Analysis 78%
Distributed and Parallel Computing 77%
Machine Learning 75%

Active within the Birmingham Tech Community

I attend the Birmingham NoSQL meetup where I've been exposed to alternatives to relational databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra and Redis. CodoJo where I've developed my pair programming. Both Hackference conferences where I learnt about emerging technologies such as Node.js, Go, Ansible and Clojure.

Loves Startups

I attended a Launch48 event where the aim was to develop a start-up over a weekend while learning about lean methodology. I was my teams programmer and our final product was an app which uses the Twitter streaming API and Python's natural language toolkit to try to find tweets that would affect share prices.

Project coder for a Games Development Company

I was contracted by a small games development company to create a Minesweeper game with RPG elements and online multiplayer in ActionScript 3. I also used PHP and MySQL for the backend. During this project I used my communication skills as I discussed requirements with the designer, sending them regular builds to get feedback to focus further development.

Created a Games Development Society

I've created and ran a Games Development Society at my University. In this role I've communicated with the committee, society members and external organisations to run events such as a Games Jam. I've also recognised opportunities to use my skills to improve the society, for example I wanted to engage with visitors to the society fair so I created a web app which allows the user to text their favourite game to update a chart in real-time. I used the Python Flask framework, Twilio API, Pusher and Heroku for cloud hosting.